iGaming Online Platform

The Platform

Everything you can expect and more.

Boost revenues, engage and retain players, keep running costs low and have complete control. The platform was built by an operator for the operator!

The Player

  • Any device, anywhere, any time!
  • Gamified promotional system that will engage new and returning players!
  • VIP Club - second chance program with raffles, instant games and more, that makes every player loyal, engaged and excited.
  • Exclusive games, tournaments and exciting pooled and standalone Jackpots!

Marketing Systems

  • Customizable dashboards, insights and analytics.
  • Set and access game parameters, player profiles/tracking, affiliates management and more.
  • Full control over VIP CLUB promotions to drive loyalty, retention and lifetime value.
  • Betting statistics (player/win/loss ratios), promotion & communication tools.
  • TV show and live draw production know how.
  • Real time retail advertising system.


  • Innovative turn key solution, designed by an operator for other operators.
  • Unlimited flexibility with a dedicated Platform team.
  • Unlimited scalability with no underlying old structures.
  • Superior quality and reliability: 24/7/365 operations.
  • Ensured compliance - Already operating in three highly regulated markets with built in reporting to regulators, your case will not pose any delay.
  • Currency support - monitoring and working with 100+ currencies and availability of adjustable game payout tables.
  • Cost efficiency and future-proofing - open-source technologies have zero cost supporting software (OS, database, tools, utilities) and ever-evolving solutions.
  • Powerful and customizable financial reports.


  • GLI-compliant, cryptographically secure software designed to pass all RNG evaluations, ongoing RNG or game payout verification, betting exchange evaluations, full security system audits, game and mathematics evaluations, and more.
  • Gateway systems from almost any payment software provider to seamlessly process transactions directly.
  • Modular and scalable API architecture.
  • Bespoke software developers manage every aspect of the development lifecycle.
  • Firewalls, anti-fraud modules, reporting engines, risk management systems, KYC security process and AML/CFT controls - features to assess player details, track player actions, and report any suspicious activity.
  • Micro-services web architecture for no processes that crash, no memory-leaks, no conflicting threads, no safety-reboots, no service windows.